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Frequently Asked Questions

Will we be working together?

This is up to you!  You may choose to work with your Professional Organizer, or if you have other tasks to tend to, they will be happy to work Independently!  The final decision on what items will be donated or discarded is yours.  That said, your presence during decluttering is ideal but unnecessary!

How do consultations work?

Upon scheduling your free phone consultation, it is essential that we receive photos or a video of the project area(s).  These will be assessed before the consultation as they help facilitate the process.

During the consultation, we will discuss your goals for the project area(s).  After a series of questions, your 
Professional Organizer will start formulating an Action Plan that meets your specific needs.  The consultation will end when all of your questions have been answered!   This should take around thirty minutes but may vary.

Do I need to clean before your arrival? 

The Organized Pearl provides "non-judgment" services. It does not matter whether or not the space is perfectly clean.  We ask that you remove fragile items from the project area before the organizing session.

Will you be taking photos/ videos of my space?

This decision is yours to make!  Please keep in mind that we will never capture anything that would reveal your identity or the identity of your loved ones.  Your privacy is of the highest priority!

Before and After photos/videos play a vital role in the success of a Professional Organizing business.  These will be used in a portfolio to share with others.

While they are highly encouraged and greatly appreciated, clients can decline photography within their homes without judgment.  See Gallery.

Should I purchase storage products ahead of time? 

If you wish to do so, by all means, please do!  However, one can never fully know what storage will be needed until after decluttering.  Some items, such as spice racks for kitchens, and storage containers for toys, can be predicted ahead of time.  Clients may also have items on hand that can be utilized for storage.

During the session, measurements of the project area will be taken. These will play an essential role in the decision-making process.  T
he final determination for most storage items will be made once the decluttering process is complete!

Who will be in charge of purchasing storage products?

All clients will receive recommendations for the storage products that best support the project and meet the client's aesthetic.

Clients can then purchase and utilize the products on their own.  Or clients can choose to have their Professional Organizer,
 purchase the items, and pick them up (if not bought online) for a flat fee of $30.  Your Professional Organizer will then deliver and utilize them within the project area.  The time it takes for your Professional Organizer to utilize them will be billed at the already agreed-upon hourly rate.  Every client is responsible for fully reimbursing The Organized Pearl for their products upon delivery.

The ultimate decision depends upon your budget and time!

How are payments handled?

The Organized Pearl uses Honeybook, a secure small business CRM system, so clients can easily access all applicable documents.  Clients will receive a link to their client portal by e-mail.  Clients are prompted to create a secure username and password upon opening the link.  After gaining access to their client portal, each client can view invoices and documents.


Payments may also be made through the client portal using debit, credit, or direct bank transfer.  After payment, the clients' receipts will also be available on the portal.  The Organized Pearl will never see a client's login or banking information.  See services and rate.

What areas of town do you serve?
Our service area includes all of Nashville and Davidson County.  As well as anywhere within 50 miles of Nashville, Tennessee 37207

Live outside our service range?  Have no fear; we are still here for you!  Please note that a $20 travel fee would apply.

The Organized Pearl determines which projects will be conducted outside the service area on a case-by-case basis.

How do we get started? 

It's Easy!  Follow the link below and choose the best date and time for your free consultation.  Then answer a few short questions about your project.  These questions will help facilitate our conversation.  Your Professional Organizer will then call you.

As previously mentioned, We encourage clients to send photos or videos of the project area(s).  Your Professional Organizer then assesses these to create an initial plan of action.

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