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The Home Edit Organizing Illusion

Updated: Jun 5

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For those unfamiliar with The Home Edit, it is a successful Nashville Professional Organizing Service created by two lovely and highly skilled ladies. They have a Netflix series based around their services to high-end clients and celebrities. I have a lot of respect for the superb skills shown by these fellow Nashville Organizers! Every space they organize has that perfect Pinterest aesthetic. And I appreciate everything these women have done to bring the Professional Organizing industry to the forefront! Let's get to the illusion I see in their television series.

One of the primary ways their Pinterest-worthy aesthetic is achieved is by utilizing expensive storage products. Their clients spend a lot of money on these products in addition to paying their Organizers. There's no way the average person could afford such a cost. The illusion I see is that one must purchase a ton of storage products to achieve an organized space, but this is just not the case.

Some Professional Organizers would prefer to use items you already have on hand before ever making product recommendations. There are low-cost items at places like Dollar Tree you can utilize. While you may obtain a different aesthetic appeal than featured on their Netflix series, you can have a highly functional space. Function super exceeds aesthetic! Having a space with the perfect aesthetic yet is non-functional defeats the purpose of getting organized. I'm not saying this is the case with these Organizers; I'm sure they create functional areas for every client!

On the show, they often say, "It's a system" when referring to their storage products. Simply tossing items into storage bins and baskets will not suffice! Storage products are not a system; they are a tool Professional Organizers use to contain the system they created for their clients.

Please don't let this storage product illusion prevent you from getting organized because everyone deserves an organized space, even if they can afford many high-end storage products!

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