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A little-known organizing travel tip:

Do you find yourself waiting to the last minute to pack for your vacation and when you are finished your home is a mess? If so, you are not alone! Many people create a messy home this prior to their departure. Before implementing this little-known organizing

travel tip, I had the tendency to wait till I got home to clean and organize my space. I would go on a relaxing vacation and be welcomed by a mess and a list of chores upon returning home. Definitely not the way to end a vacation and keep those relaxing vibes alive!

After coming home from multiple vacations to clutter I started to see the pattern. So, on my next trip I implemented my favorite travel tip, which is to clean and organize one's home prior to departure. Yes, it meant putting in more effort in the beginning, but the end result was well worth the effort. I came home to a calm environment with the only chore on the list being to unpack and unwind. After experiencing the benefits of this habit change, I will never go back to leaving my home a mess before my next adventure! Try implementing this tip for your next getaway. I promise your future weary traveler self will thank you!

On a side note. Using organizing expert Marie Kondo's folding method, which involves rolling clothes into little bundles, reduces the space needed to store them. Her method applies to both luggage and dresser drawers. Marie gives step by step instructions on how to do this on You-tube! I highly recommend learning her methods. I did so on my last vacation and was amazed how much I fit into my suitcase!

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