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The fine china, the rabbit, and the scrub top!

Every so often a Professional Organizer needs a good home decluttering too! This past weekend I did a massive decluttering of my space and as expected the sentimental items were the hardest to go through. I wanted to take a moment to discuss the top three sentimental items that were the most difficult for me to let go of and explore the good and bad stories attached to them.

Let's start with my mother’s fine china! I donated some of the fine china that my late mother once used for those special occasions. They bring back memories of her smiling face around the family dinner table. At the same time, it’s a hard reminder that those times will never be had again. Even though some of her china is gone her smile is forever etched into my consciousness.

Then there was the rabbit! I discarded a stuffed rabbit whose ear was cut off by my brother over 30 years ago when we were just little kids. Our babysitter use to make them, I begged and begged for months for her to make me one. Finally receiving that rabbit meant the world to me. That good memory is always followed by the bad memory of my brother's retaliation on this poor creature. Even though the rabbit is now gone I’ll always remember its “life” story.

And lastly, the scrub top! I finally donated my favorite scrub top years after it was last worn. It reminds me of all the sweet patients I treated while working in healthcare. At the same time, it reminds me that that chapter is over. While I enjoy being a Professional Organizer more than being a Physical Therapist Assistant it's still sad to say goodbye. That scrub top is now gone but I will forever cherish the memories of my patients. Part of why I named my Professional Organizing business “The Organized Pearl” was in honor of a dear patient named Lei Momi (garland of pearls). While our time together was brief, she made a huge impact on my heart. That scrub top brought back memories of her, but I can assure you that I will remember her long after that top is gone.

Please be rest assured that if you donate or discard a sentimental object it does not mean you are tossing away that memory. The memories will always be there! If you are still concerned that you may be tossing away a memory, you can take a picture of the object prior to its departure from your home. The object is merely a trigger for the memory and a photo can do this just as well as the object itself.

What stories are your sentimental items telling you?

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