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Pearls of Wisdom:

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Why The Organized Pearl?

Updated: Sep 25

A pearl is formed when grit and sand become trapped inside a mollusk. With time and effort that grit is transformed into a Pearl. I see our homes as a mollusk where clutter can become trapped. This analogy is what initially inspired the name of my business. As a Professional Organizer, my job is to turn that clutter into a beautiful pearl! I was also inspired to use the word pearl because I can't help but think about a past patient of mine any time I encounter the word. Her name was Lei Momi, which translates to garland of pearls. Lei Momi was an amazing person who made a lasting impression on my heart. You could say she was a beautiful pearl! As Momi is no longer with us, I keep her memory alive every time I use the word pearl!

Picture of pearl necklaces

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